Laydex 1000 Gauge Polythene - Black


Laydex 1000 Gauge Polythene - Black

The Laydex 1000 Gauge Polythene - Black is a black non-reinforced polythene film. This versatile roll of heavy duty sheeting has countless uses on building sites, at home, and in the garden. Black polythene deteriorates at a much slower rate than clear polythene when exposed to UV light, so this film is a longer lasting alternative. This Laydex polythene is also tear resistant and has a high tensile strength. This roll is 3.5m multi-fold.

  • Versatile
  • Non-reinforced
  • Long lasting
  • Tear resistant
  • Height: 100cm
  • Width: 10cm
  • Depth: 10cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polythene

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